History of the parishThe parish of Mary Mother of God from Częstochowa and St. Mark Evangelist in Rodaki was established on 2nd September of 1958. However, the decree that informed about this event was read at 24th of September. This date is considered as the birth of the community.

New shrine
The larch church of St. Mark Evangelist was the first shrine in Rodaki. It was built in 1601. A new, brick shrine was built in 1972-1982. It was blessed in 1986 by bishop Mieczysław Jaworski. Prof. Witold Cęckiewicz is a designer of the new church (he also designed The Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Łagiewniki). The church is decorated with sculptures created by prof. Wincent Kućma and stained glass created by prof. Makarewicz. Having such an interesting construction is a real luck for our community. Remaining to our times, wooden church is a genuine masterpiece of the carpentry. The new shrine is also admired by because of its unusual shape – it looks like a bell lying on the ground. It can be easily noticed from the East. But it is not the end of the architectural one-off in Rodaki. As any other church in the diocese, this one in Rodaki is glazed – i.e. fronton and presbytery’s wall is constructed by steel and glass. The new church is located in the crossroads of roads from Rodaki to Ryczówek and from Olkusz to Zawiercie. This system has an impact on the setting of the church. The front wall of the church is 20 m high but it declines to 8 m in near the presbytery. The length of the church totals 36 m, the width amounts to 24 m in front and 12 m at the altar wall. During the first 20 years priest Jan Brożek worked in the parish. Since 1st of January 1978 priest Stefan Walusiński was the parish priest. Since 1st of July 2012 the parish has been run by priest Jarosław Kwiecień.

Pros and Cons
50 years since the establishment of the parish were not always glorious. In 2007 drunk vandal from Olkusz set fire to vestry, the porch with electronical distribution board and in the library. Parishioners showed great generosity and help in the refurbishment. Money was enough even for the maintenance of the roof of the shrine. In 2013-2015 thorough refurbishment of the parsonage was conducted including exchanging of the roof, reconstruction of the first floor and warming.

Wooden pearl
In minor parish Rodaki, except a striking parachial church, there is also a wooden shrine. Wooden church was built in 1601, but on the basis of architectural analysis it can be assumed that the part with the altar is much older. The church is 14 m long; the width of the presbytery is 5,5 m. From the north side there are vestry and so-called “soboty” – kind of shelter. The church is Rodaki is justifiably called “Wooden pearl of Jura”. Building was signed in the list of the antique wooden objects and added to the local track called “Małopolski Szlak Architektury Drewnianej”. The special date in the history of the church is March 1928, when fire was set by playing children. All wooden cottages were totally burned. Salvage of the wooden shrine is considered as a miracle. The old church is located 800 m from the parachial church (on the right from the entrance).